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Fleet & Truck Safety Training Videos & Hiring Solutions

Attract, Hire, Train, and Retain the Best Drivers – the Solution to your Driver Problems

We create truck safety training videos and recruiting tools that give you better results. With trucking safety and training for truck drivers as our main focus, we’re helping you make the world a safer place. With AvatarFleet, you can get the most effective trucking safety programs to recruit, hire, train and retain quality drivers. Get real results when hiring and training truck drivers with AvatarFleet’s custom truck driving safety and risk management solutions.

If you have driver problems and you want better results, our fleet training course and driver hiring programs can help.

Tomorrow’s Technology, Workers and Workplace
Next Generation Trucking

A presentation by Mark Gardner

Driver Training Programs

Are you using boring old truck driver training materials? The Professional Safe Driver Course™ will make a real difference in your drivers’ performance.

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Driver Hiring Programs

Discover the things that will hurt you. Avoid bad hires! Spend less time and money and find drivers who are a good fit for your business with ApplicantCare™ .

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Youth and Safety

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Orientation, Training and Safety Meetings Shouldn’t Suck

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